Dell Butter is a Detroit native who was taught the basics of barbering by his father at the age of 7. He took advantage of his skills and began barbering on campus at college in Ypsilanti, MI. He was known for his affordable prices and friendly personality. He decided to move back to Detroit, Michigan in 2018 where he would get more practice with family and friends to improve his skills. During the Covid-19 Pandemic he decided to further his education at Michigan Barber School where he would soon graduate with his barber license. In 2021 he earned his spot as a young leading barber at Faded The Barbershop located in Ferndale, MI. He offers unparalleled luxury services, but also respects his clients’ busy schedules and will get you looking fabulous and on your way with his scheduling process. Over the years, he had one mission—to make his devoted customers look stunning and feel their best while maintaining a professional friendly environment. Contact us and see what he can do for you today or simply drop in and take advantage of his convenient walk-in service.